Welcome to Cheshire East Chimney Sweep

My name is Tony and I am a registered chimney sweep with the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps. I offer a friendly professional service at a time to suit you and you can be assured you’re in safe hands.

Why sweep your chimney?

Regular sweeping is vital to remove blockages and soot.  Sweeping prevents fires and allows deadly combustion gases to be safely vented through the chimney.  Clean chimneys burn more efficiently, which will save you money as well as helping the environment.

Did you know……

Anyone can set themselves up as a chimney sweep.  If you choose an unregistered sweep, you are unlikely to be able to claim on your insurance for any damage caused by a chimney fire. As a registered sweep with the Guild of Master Sweeps I am trained to the highest standards, and you can be confident that you will receive a professional, courteous and conscientious service from a rigorously trained person with the backing of a professional body.

A certificate will be issued after the sweep which is recognised by insurance companies that your chimney has been swept and checked by a qualified chimney sweep that meets industry standards.

If you would like any further information about any of my services, please feel free to get in touch. I will be happy to offer you advice over the phone.

Using Your Fireplace With No Problems?

A working chimney needs to be swept at least once each year. This is because every time you burn a fire, soot will build up in the chimney. Too much soot poses a fire risk and will restrict dangerous gasses from escaping freely, leading to fumes spilling into your living room.

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Having Problems With Your Fireplace?

Problems with fireplaces are very common as many factors will influence a chimneys performance. We combine specialist equipment and experience to diagnose any issue you are having with your fire.

New Homeowner, Existing Fireplace?

There’s nothing quite like buying a lovely old home that includes a traditional fireplace or stove. However, a chimney fire probably isn’t the housewarming ‘gift’ you want. This is why it pays to have that chimney looked at.

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Installing A New Fireplace Or Stove?

A house without a fireplace is a house without a heart. A fireplace is a perfect addition to any home; it looks fantastic and is a great way to heat your home. Before you fit that fire, we must ensure the chimney will be safe to use.